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Why Outsource PR & Marketing

Two signs. One says outsource, the other says inhouse

"I already know all about my products – surely I can just do the PR myself... Can’t I?!"

Let’s get rid of the big multi-coloured elephant in the room early doors, shall we? We’re a PR agency, of course, we’re going to say that you're better off hiring an agency instead of doing it yourself... but actually, it’s honestly about more than just that. I’ve lost count of the pitches I’ve been in when I’ve said “even if you don’t hire us, hire someone…” because either it's being done badly, it’s taking too much time, or the results leave a lot to be desired!

Whilst the scope of initial knowledge within the business itself is indeed deeper and easier to manage than an external agency will have at first, once the initial onboarding process is complete and the team is running smoothly, you truly will see the difference. But how will you know?

What can a PR agency do for you?

Well, for a start you’ll probably have fewer pressing deadlines. When we’re talking to clients, often one of the biggest drains on their time is the basics of trade media features. Using an agency can simply free up this time for other projects. We’re organised and on top of it for you... you’ll still see the copy before it's submitted, but it won’t take up nearly as much time on your to-do list. We’ll also write the copy for features and press releases more quickly and with an experienced eye for making sure that the content catches the eye of the editors and gets better positioning in the feature.

The other crucial element is that effective organisation is key to the success of every press office. Having an agency takes care of that for you. We tend to have a working call on a Monday to discuss everything on the schedule for the week ahead, and then we press ahead and keep you in the loop as we progress. Deadlines and media contacts are taken care of – and did I mention that we’ll take all those advertising sales calls you get? So that can be a big help as well…

And as for that possible product knowledge gap? Well, we get there pretty quickly. We’re genuinely interested in all things hospitality and have been around kitchens and all kinds of dining – and drinking (ahem...) spaces for many years. Our understanding is a solid foundation onto which we can bolt your specific product portfolio... so in next to no time we’ll be up to speed and you’ll have more time for other parts of your role, all whilst you’re getting great coverage for your products and campaigns in key media.

Another essential element of using an agency is that whilst we absolutely integrate with your business, we’re still separate from it, and so that distance offers us a perspective from which we can identify potential media angles in areas where the in-house team haven’t previously seen an opportunity. That has often delivered great stories and angles for media content.

Well, there you have it!

In short, you could do it yourself, but we’re quicker, more organised, and we’ll save you precious time (as well as make the business look good to the outside world). More importantly, we’re definitely not as expensive as you think we might be, in fact, we’re great value.

So, give Eat PR & Marketing a call on 01249 561004 and find out how you can benefit from working with us!


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