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What is PR and marketing and why is it important?

It was Edward Bernays, a nephew of Freud, who used a savvy mix of psychology and media to influence public opinion, inventing modern PR and becoming the first to devise the term, ‘public relations’.


From the outrageous to pure genius, there’s no doubt about it, PR offers the chance for great creativity. It’s fun, well, we think so! Yet it’s fair to say, still misunderstood (and often neglected). We like to think of it like this (and we wouldn’t be Eat PR if we didn’t use a food analogy!)… your friend bakes a cake. They’re no master baker but you tell them it looks delicious. That’s marketing. You tell your pal that you too can bake a delicious cake. That’s advertising. Getting someone else to tell your chum that indeed you do bake a rather scrummy bake, is PR!


For us, PR’s what we do – it’s the bread and butter of our business – and so we know a thing or two about great PR. Our passion for PR in being critical to business success means we proudly champion its power, which shouldn’t be underestimated. Get to know it. Get to love it. Understand it and, like all good relationships, work at it. Fall in love with its sway and influence; and watch your reputation blossom and your business bloom. Use it as a tool to work alongside and shake up your marketing efforts... it’s a game-changer, we promise.


From building and managing reputation to enhancing brand visibility and awareness, PR sparks business expansion. It goes beyond traditional marketing efforts, focusing on establishing your reputation, credibility and trust – vital qualities we rely on for success. PR builds, manages and maintains reputation, which is why it’s so important. So be sure to build a positive reputation – it’s a fantastic way to boost your credibility, and garner trust.


We all know how valuable reputation is. Something so hard to build, yet so easy to lose. Work hard to earn it. Earn a positive reputation through effective communication which delivers a PR strategy that makes you sing. And not in a rammed-down-your-throat type way. Well-thought-out, carefully considered PR can enhance your reputation in a less aggressive way, which is arguably more effective. Let the spotlight shine at the exact moment. Let the cumulative effort of harnessing the power of media relations and content creation; influencer activity and an online presence, come together to showcase you. Use the light to become visible. Command the attention and stand out from the crowd; captivating your target audience with PR that will be recognised, remembered and recalled by those you wish to influence.


Use effective PR to generate publicity. Positive publicity and media coverage that captivates, helping create an influential brand. Use PR to craft a connection. Paint a picture, story-tell and collaborate to conjure emotions that resonate and inspire your audience. Create the compelling buzz that lets you shine as a leader – as an expert – which allows you to influence public opinion.


The beauty of consistent, positive attention – especially from the media – is the power it has to build and transform a brand. By working hard to generate exposure, you provide the opportunity to showcase your authority, build relationships with key audiences and stakeholders, and thrust your business up a gear, to the next level.


In the ever-evolving, fast-changing landscape of business, trust and credibility are hugely respected. So, embrace the power of PR. Let it be your friend. With authentic storytelling, proactivity and strategic media relations, navigate engagement to flourish.


With PR commanding editorial coverage, as opposed to a business relying on paid-for advertising, the credibility of the editorial is far more. In fact, it’s arguably recognised as a highly effective form of marketing. Maximising positive PR by securing quality coverage is the secret to highlighting your reputation as one of being authoritative; and respected. Champion your brand, business or organisation as one to be trusted – this sets you apart from your competition and establishes you as being a leader in your field.


PR has certainly emerged as a force to shape the path of your journey. Weave a rich tapestry of coverage that shapes your perception, using messaging that resonates with your intended audience. Work to maintain longstanding relations with media contacts. Don’t get complacent. Work hard to secure opportunities that position your brand as the voice/specialist in your industry. Use positive, powerful PR to open doors to new opportunities, and to grow, improve and succeed.

If you think PR and marketing is something you and your business needs support with, then get in touch by calling 01249 561004 or emailing our friendly team at We would love to see what we can do to help.


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