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Five ways Eat PR & Marketing can help businesses achieve success

In today’s highly competitive hospitality industry, having a strong communications strategy is essential to getting your brand noticed by your audience. With years of experience behind us, the Eat PR & Marketing team has the skillset and know-how to help businesses achieve this. Here are five pointers on how we can drive positive results for each of our clients.

Brand recognition

Building brand awareness and recognition is at the heart of our business. As experienced PR professionals, one of our main objectives is to ensure brands get in front of the right people, at the right time. Putting a brand in the spotlight can really raise its profile, whilst also providing other marketing and PR opportunities. At Eat PR & Marketing, we are well versed in creating a communications plan that will give your business maximum exposure and recognition, whilst guaranteeing measurable results. Our strategic approach allows us to deliver the best for our clients in terms of content and brand exposure, as well as assisting our clients in meeting their commercial goals.

Media relationships

Nurturing relationships is key, particularly within public relations. A good PR agency will understand how to initiate and build solid relationships with key journalists and editors. This stems from having a strong network of influential contacts across the industry and understanding their individual needs. Given our experience in foodservice and retail, we are well connected with contacts wide and far, particularly with some of the industry’s leading trade publications and the teams working across these titles. Eat PR & Marketing is built on passion, experience and transparency and we thrive on delivering only the best for each and every one of our clients.

Quality content

Content needs to be perfect – every time. As an agency, we pride ourselves on providing copy that delivers quality, is factual and is creative. We know when and how to present different styles of content that is optimised, relevant and most of all, engaging and we deliver this with passion. From press releases, to expert opinion led content, right through to bespoke projects, we have the knowledge to deliver targeted and varied material for all of our clients needs. We take a personal, effective approach to all of our work, ultimately providing top results.


PR is all about reputation and building credibility with your key audiences – but it’s not a short term game. It requires a long term strategy to help businesses make a name for themselves in the hospitality world – which is where Eat PR & Marketing comes in. As an agency, we combine a real passion for everything hospitality, with a bespoke and personal PR offering – and we are renowned for securing quality editorial coverage in foodservice and related trade magazines. This not only builds brand reputations, but also influences opinions within the industry.

Social media exposure

Social media is one of the most powerful forms of marketing and if used correctly, can add real value to businesses. How and what businesses communicate on social channels is fundamental, therefore ensuring that messaging is consistent, is key. Whether you are looking to create a new social media channel, or looking for support in maintaining a current account, Eat PR & Marketing can help to drive engagement and interaction through a strategic management process that guarantees positive results.


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