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The power of relationships

All good relationships require excellent communication skills to thrive. With years of experience between us, the Eat PR & Marketing team has placed this at the heart of our business - succeeding in making strong, trusting relationships along the way.

Hospitality truly is all about people and as an experienced PR agency, so are we. We love nothing more than to meet up with our industry colleagues from far and wide to talk business or share ideas over coffee or lunch. We love being out and about - if it’s not an exhibition or an industry conference, it’s an annual awards ceremony, dusting off our glad rags to recognise and celebrate success. The last 18 months have all been about trade shows, press visits, social media, supporting clients, case studies and networking - all the things we are hugely passionate about and love to immerse ourselves in.

Foodservice really is as much about who you know, as it is about what you know, which explains why nurturing relationships is absolutely crucial - particularly in the PR world. Having worked with some of the industry’s most renowned businesses, celebrated operators and award-winning products, Eat PR & Marketing is fortunate to have built up an impressive contacts book. These relationships are valuable and, in our experience, they’re more often than not, long term. But how do you go about maintaining a healthy relationship? Here are our four key pointers on how Eat PR & Marketing achieves this.

Being accessible is key

Always being accessible is fundamental and is one of the key credentials to a solid, lasting relationship. It sounds simple, but checking in with clients on a regular basis and being on hand to answer any questions they may have is so important. For some, Eat PR & Marketing is an addition to their marketing team. For others, we are their marketing team. Whatever the relationship is, it is imperative that we don’t only react to our client’s needs, but respond promptly. Having that regular dialogue keeps everyone talking. As a PR agency, it is our job to ensure that we are always talking and reaching out to our clients, asking them for feedback on how the working relationship is going. We have each and every one of our client’s best interests at heart and we will always make this one of our top priorities.

You can’t beat honesty

Honesty and transparency are both very important in PR – not only when telling a brand's story, but when it comes to client and media relationships. One of our key principles is transparency, and we thrive on delivering this to each and every one of our contacts - starting with our client base. Shouting about who our clients are can be somewhat of a no-no in the PR world, however here at Eat PR & Marketing, we are so proud of the fantastic companies we support and work with, that we don’t believe in keeping it a secret. Being honest and transparent with all our contacts is our number one priority. As an experienced PR agency, we always strive to deliver the best for our clients and we have a reputation for always delivering on time. However, not everything always goes to plan, and if this is the case, then it’s about communicating that correctly, whilst also being honest and finding that solution.

Connecting on a personal level

Relationships are at the heart and soul of Eat PR & Marketing, therefore connecting with clients, associations and journalists comes naturally to the team. Having built exceptional relationships over the years, we are well connected with the hospitality industry – on the client and media side and with operators, dealers and trade associations too. The majority of our relationships are based on solid friendships, which we are extremely proud of. We get to know each and every one of our clients inside out and make it our business to find out what really makes them tick as well as what is important to them. Although there’s a time and a place for virtual meetings and telephone conversations, we really see the value in face-to-face interactions and love nothing more than to catch up over a coffee or bite to eat. Whether it be PR, marketing, social or digital support, as an experienced PR agency, we are here for every single one of our clients - every step of the way.

Knowing a business inside out

Understanding your clients’ needs and being able to meet their demands is a must in the world of PR - for so many reasons. Not only does it enable an agency to create more targeted marketing strategies, but it also helps to maintain strong relationships with clients and increase the lifetime value of these client relationships. This is a top priority at Eat PR & Marketing. Yes, we do our research on all of our clients but ultimately, we are a sociable bunch and love catching up with clients face-to-face to go behind the scenes and hear their stories, firsthand. Here at Eat PR & Marketing, we engrain ourselves in our client’s business, using integrated marketing activities and channels to get brands noticed by the right audience. So, whether you are looking for copywriting that carries interest and intent, engaging social media content or a trusting voice in a crisis, here at Eat PR & Marketing, we have the skills and know-how to make this happen.


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