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How to successfully incorporate good design into PR

Design sits within the heart and soul of public relations. It has become a staple in PR for many years now and if done correctly, can drive positive results for businesses. With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, our team is well versed in producing eye-catching, stand out creative. So, here are our five top tips on how to successfully incorporate good design into PR.

Adapt and evolve

Adapting and evolving to changing market conditions, client preferences and competitive pressures, particularly from a design point of view, is imperative. With every piece of creative content that gets issued by us, we ensure that we're keeping abreast of key industry trends, feedback and data that impacts client PR goals and strategies. We are a sociable bunch and are always out and about attending industry events and exhibitions and networking opportunities - which all puts us in good stead to stay ahead of the curve, whilst also giving us that competitive edge. Regularly visiting industry websites, magazines and social channels also allows us to keep on top of our game. All of our creative content is fresh, relevant and timely, whilst staying true to our client’s brand identity and values.

Consistency is key

Whether it be a website, advertorial or even a social media post, it is important that the same voice and style is being presented across all platforms. A consumer that is attracted to something they saw on Instagram will be expecting to see that same style presented on the website or other social media platforms. Not only does this create familiarity with a brand, it also builds credibility. Therefore branding, messaging and communications channels must be strategic and consistent. We pride ourselves on consistency - not only across our copywriting, social and digital services, but also our design and creativity. From advertisements, POS, and exhibition graphics to illustration, packaging design, motion graphics, our team strives to deliver a strong and consistent message through our creative that drives engagement and interaction for each and every one of our clients.

Offer an interactive experience

Telling a story through words remains necessary and is incredibly important, however it takes a lot more than that to stand out in this day in age - which is where visuals come in. Well designed content that goes alongside words can provide a real opportunity to make a lasting impression. Instead of just telling a reporter or editor about a client’s brand, for instance, why not show them. At Eat PR & Marketing we believe written content and design go hand in hand and can really complement each other. It’s about using content as well as well crafted infographics, interactive advertorials and videos to engage with clients - offering them more of an interactive experience. We use inspirational messages and powerful imagery to help create an experience for our audience. We ensure that every bit of content that leaves our studio is displayed in a reader friendly and aesthetic way - and is authentic and relevant.

Outsource creative talent

Although many PR agencies will have their own in-house design team, it’s always worth broadening your horizons and outsourcing creative talent. The external designer may be exposed to other brands, products and/or sectors on a daily basis, so they’re likely to have a bigger stack of sources to pluck inspiration from. This could open up new opportunities, not only from a design perspective, but also from a business point of view. Our team has years of experience behind them and are fortunate to be well connected within the design world. We surround themselves with creative freelancers, consultants and industry experts in order to drive new ideas and concepts. This puts us, as experienced PR professionals, in good stead to drive positive results for our clients through the power of great design.

Understand your clients’ needs

Understanding your clients’ needs and being able to meet their demands, particularly from a design perspective, is a must in the PR world. As experienced PR professionals, one of our main objectives is to do just that - immerse ourselves in our client’s business to help them achieve positive results through strong creative content. A key focus of ours is to know who our clients are, what they want, what they need, what they care about and how they communicate. Ahead of starting a new project, we will always make it our business to find out what makes the client tick when it comes to visuals. We can then fully understand what the client loves and what they aim to achieve visually. From print and digital advertising, packaging designs to social ads and promotional presentations, we are on hand to offer clients strong supportive visual content, every step of the way.

What next?

If design is something you're looking to enhance within your business then please get in touch by emailing We would love to chat with you about how we can help you and your business.


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