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10 key ingredients of a successful press release

Although social media has changed the way businesses now communicate with each other, press releases remain one of the most effective tools for promoting a business, building brand awareness and reaching new and existing audiences. With years of experience behind them, the Eat PR & Marketing team has well and truly mastered the art of the press release.

A well-drafted and targeted press release can drive positive results for any business if done correctly. At Eat PR & Marketing, we strive to deliver only the best for our clients through quality content that is factual, creative and most of all, engaging.

A lot goes into crafting a hard-hitting press release, but ultimately, it’s all in the delivery. Here are our 10 golden rules for writing the perfect press release.

Compelling headline

This is the first thing people read so headlines need to grab the reader’s interest, making sure they want to continue reading. With every press release that gets issued by the Eat PR & Marketing team, we always aim to create a showstopping headline. In just a few words, we encapsulate the story, along with a catchy hook to draw in the audience.

Have a unique angle

News that is surprising or unexpected is always of interest, like items that are a first, ground-breaking or a new discovery, for instance. Other factors to consider are the audience and industry - is this press release something that will interest them? What’s new and innovative about the content that has just been released? At Eat PR & Marketing, we pride ourselves on always finding that unique angle with every press release that is issued by the team.

Images drive interest

You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Visuals, like infographics or high-quality images, can really enhance a press release and can give the audience a clearer understanding of what is being offered. It is a given that people are more likely to share multimedia via social platforms than text-only releases. At Eat PR & Marketing, we like to make journalists' lives as easy as possible, particularly when it comes to imagery - offering different resolutions and sizes to suit every need.

Is it newsworthy?

Finding a news angle is one of the key elements when writing a press release. It must reveal something new or newsworthy to capture the attention of both the media and the audience and must be worth reading or writing about. Every newsworthy piece of content we send out is timely, relevant and most importantly, impactful.

It’s all in the detail

Writing a clear, concise press release goes a long way and will help you establish a trusted relationship with journalists. Content needs to be perfect - first time and every time. Facts must be checked, and double checked and spelling and grammar must be on point.

As an experienced PR agency, we pride ourselves on providing journalists with high quality content that shines.

Journalists want them

Journalists are always on the lookout for a good story, and press releases remain one of their top resources for finding stories. From the fundamentals of drafting engaging press releases to writing expert opinion pieces, PR is at the heart of our business and as experienced PR foodservice professionals, we strive to deliver only the best for each of our clients.

The basics

Journalists want the facts, and as many as they can. So starting with the basics - what, where, when, why, how and why your news matters, is so important. They also want to find this information as quickly as possible, therefore placing this content at the top of the press release, for instance, can help journalists save time. It also gives them confidence in what we are delivering for them.

The right target audience

Getting a product or service in front of the right people at the right time is crucial to running a successful business. At Eat PR & Marketing, we use our experience to generate genuine conversation with the audience, clearly articulating a business's ethos and values through clear, effective, and scalable strategies. We can issue detailed press releases to a key sector press and tell customers, contacts and social media followers - sending them out at the right time, to the right publications, and then following up when necessary. A good PR agency will have solid relationships with key journalists and editors, which in return, means more exposure for you. Targeting the right audience can also lead to new business leads which in the long run, could add great value to our clients.

Time is of the essence

Journalists are inundated with dozens – sometimes hundreds – of pitches and press releases each week. Therefore, ensuring that you respect your readers’ time is key. Whenever you’re writing content, there’s one crucial rule to remember: quality over quantity so ensure that you keep your press release short and to the point. At Eat PR & Marketing, we do just that by ensuring crucial information is conveyed as concisely as possible - at the right time. We also consider current events and trends going on within the industry to determine when the best time is to get in touch with a journalist and release press releases. This can boost the visibility of a press release within any audience.

Valuable content

Statistics and expert opinions are powerful tools to make a press release more credible. Facts and figures are also a great way to illustrate a point. They don’t only provide the audience with context but are also a good way of grabbing people’s attention. At Eat PR & Marketing, we pride ourselves on creating valuable, engaging content that can guarantee results for our clients, every time.

We'd love to hear from you

We hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. If you have more questions or you're looking for further support with writing press releases then please get in touch! You can email us at or call us on 01249 561004.


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